“Port-in”  is Easy:

  • From your existing mobile number please send a Port-Out request to your current operator by typing “< Port > <space> < mobile number >
  • Send this SMS to 1900 (charges as per your current operator SMS rate)
  • You will receive as SMS from 1901 with a Unique Port Code (UPC). This is valid for 15 days
  • You can now approach any of retailer and fill up a Application Form like any normal customer. Please note you will need to submit the usual required documents ie Proof of Address, Proof of Identity, photograph.
  • You will get a new operator SIM card.
  • For the next 5 days (as per regulation) you will continue to be on current operator.
  • On the 6th day you can remove your old SIM and insert the new  SIM.

Some more FAQ:


Qus.1. What is Full Form of MNP?

The full form of MNP is “Mobile Number portability”

Qus.2. What is MNP?

Mobile Number Portability” means the facility which allows a subscriber to retain his mobile telephone number when he moves from one Access Provider to another


Qus.3. Can a Delhi customer get same MDN in Mumbai through MNP?

No, MNP is allowed only in the same circle. Once Government of India implements it, all cellular service providers will have to provide MNP facility for both prepaid and post-paid customers across their network at the same time.


Qus.4. Is MNP governed by Government Act?  ?

Yes, MNP is governed by “Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability Regulations, 2009 of TRAI Act

Qus.5. Are we the only country to launch MNP?

More than a dozen countries have launched MNP before us.

Qus.6. Is MNP allowed from one Technology to another?

Yes, MNP is applicable from any technology to any technology Say CDMA to GSM, GSM to CDMA, GSM to GSM, and CDMA to CDMA


Qus.7. When I do MNP from one technology to another, Can I continue to use the same handset?

No, you will need to change your handset according to technology


Qus.8. Is MNP applicable for Postpaid and Prepaid customers?

Yes, MNP is applicable for both Postpaid and Prepaid customer


Qus.9. Can a Prepaid customer from X operator switch as postpaid customer in Operator Y or vice versa in MNP?

Yes, a customer has the freedom to choose the type of service he wants.


Qus.10. What is Recipient Network Operator (RNO)?

Recipient Operator” means the new service Provider who will be providing mobile telecommunication service to the subscriber after porting and includes his authorized agent


Qus.11. What is Donor Network Operator (DNO)

Donor Network Operator means the existing /Old Cellular Mobile Telecom Service provider or Unified Access Service provider, to whose network the mobile number belongs at the time the subscriber makes a request for porting

Qus.12. What is full form of MCH?

MCH is Mobile Clearing House

Qus.13. What is MCH?

MCH is an entity who has been granted a license under Section 4 of the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 (13 of 1885) for providing Mobile Number Portability Service & facilitates MNP


Qus.14. Is MCH a Government Body?

No, MCH is a Private party appointed by the Government. For example Syniverse is one of the MCH appointed by Government.

Qus.15. How many MCH have been appointed?

As per information available with us there will be two MCH across India.


Qus.16. Is MCH mapped operator wise or Zone wise?

MCH is based on Zone/Location wise. It is not based operator wise

Qus.17. What is role of MCH?

In the MNP process, MCH is responsible for negotiation between the RNO and DNO. It aids in the smooth transition of user from one operator to other.

Qus.18. What is Port In?

Under MNP, when a customer moves into a new service provider from his existing provider it is called as Port in or porting in.


Qus.19. Is MNP applicable for landlines & FWP?

No, Currently MNP will be applicable only for Mobiles


Qus.20. What is Port Out?

Under MNP, When a customer leaves the existing service provider into another provider it is called as Port Out or Porting out

Qus.21. What are the charges for MNP?

Customer will be charged Rs.19+Taxes = Rs.21/- as MNP charges

Qus.22. To whom should customer pay the MNP charges?

MNP charges will be collected by your RNO at time of submission of CAF and other documents


Qus.23. Can a customer request for MNP if his line is inactive?

No, the customer’s line has to be active at time of request.

Qus.24. Can customer cancel his MNP request?

Yes customer can, but within 24 hours of submission to RNO

Qus.25. Will customer be refunded his porting charges in case he cancels his request?

No, The Porting charges will not be refunded.

Qus.26. For port In, where should the customer go? Recipient or donor?

Customer should submit a Port In request at the recipient operator touch point and not at the donor operator side


Qus.27. What is Unique Porting Code (UPC)?

The 8 digit Alpha numeric code allocated by the Donor operator for facilitating porting on request by customer through SMS


Qus.28. What is the process for requesting UPC?

Customer need to send an SMS to its previous operator mentioning “Port <Space>MDN” from your handset to 1900

The above code   is same for all the operators.

Customer will get revert immediately with the UPC code from the donor operator from 1901. There should be no signature in the SMS


Qus.29. Is the SMS for generating UPC charged to customer?

No, the SMS will be free of charge


Qus.30. Is there any other method of generating UPC code?

No, as on date UPC code is generated only by sending an SMS in a prescribed format to specific number.